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About us

AMI: 16174

Matterhorn by CREST was born in close collaboration with CREST Costa Real Estate Services & Transactions, a real estate consultancy based in Geneva, after a strong increase in demand for the Portuguese real estate market and, through a privileged network of partnerships, built and developed on a solid base over the last decade, thus creating an opportunity to develop new real estate projects in Portugal.


We offer a service with a high standard of professionalism, dedication and absolutely committed to our clients goals.


Matterhorn by CREST is geared towards all types of investors who aim for an interesting profitability in their investments, and who wish to seize the opportunity of the economic and cultural framework that Portugal has to offer.


On the other hand, we are increasingly closer to the final customer, both in the residential and retail segment.


Our identity is defined by high quality standards of the services we provided our clients with, as well as structural values ​​that allow us to develop a close and solid relationship with our clients. 

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AMI: 16174

Avenida Répública da Bulgária, Lote 15, 4ºA

1950-375 Lisboa

+351 210 962 737

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